Time Management for Vegetable Gardeners with a Day Job

Easy Techniques for a Highly-Productive Garden

(Formerly 'More Food Less Effort', now updated and expanded)

Many people begin their gardening journey with the hopes and dreams of growing a significant amount of produce, only to find that it is a lot harder than they first thought. 

The problem is they haven’t learned the proper approaches and techniques necessary to ensure their gardens produce a high yield. This leads to disappointment, frustration, and potentially giving up on gardening.

…But there’s a better way.

A Way To Increase Your Gardens Productivity…And Have Fun While Doing So!

In this course, Huw Richards, a gardener with over 19 years of experience growing food using only organic methods, shows you a way to increase the productivity of your vegetable garden without having to invest loads of your time - so you have more freedom to enjoy and relax in your garden, and importantly, keep your garden thriving even if you have a 9-5.

You’ll be learning:

  • A fresh approach to gardening that will save you time and effort not only in the short-term, but also for years to come
  • Unique gardening strategies and techniques to help you have more time actually to garden and enjoy the fruits of your labour
  • How to stay ahead, rather than always feeling like you're playing catch-up
  • A perfect system to approach big gardening projects and how to prioritise your growing
  • How to feel less stressed and gain more motivation
  • Why you must dedicate a small area to experimental growing
  • Practical gardening tips that save you time

And much much more!

The strategies and tips in this course can take any beginner gardener to an advanced gardener in a matter of days in terms of time-management and knowing where your energy is best invested. All it takes is the understanding of the principles we teach, and for you to apply them to your everyday gardening habits.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a more beautiful and productive garden while spending a lot less time tending it and feeling constrained by those small annoying tasks that seem to have no end? Of course it would! This course will show you how to get the time you deserve to have.

The funny thing is; the systems and techniques you will learn are useful not only in gardening, but they can be effectively transferred into your everyday life. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’ll find something in this course that can drastically change the way you garden and empower you with the knowledge to grow more delicious food with less effort needed. 

A quick note from Huw

About the lessons:

Lesson 1 - Defining your why | This is crucial. Having a defined WHY is the secret to a successful garden.

Lesson 2 - Staying organised | How to organise your garden tasks using two quick methods that are incredibly helpful

Lesson 3 - Prioritise effectively | Know when and where to prioritise your time and energy with garden tasks

Lesson 4 - Taking on big projects | Turning those monster tasks into far more manageable sets of smaller tasks

Lesson 5 - Beauty of batching | One of the easiest yet most impactful ways of increasing you and your garden's productivity

Lesson 6 - Small habits | How to create valuable gardening habits that stick

Lesson 7 - Gardener's best teacher | This is the one single thing that should be given the most thought, and for a good reason too

Lesson 8 - Power or experimentation | The most enjoyable way to increase productivity in the long-term

Lesson 9 - Eliminate stress | Two fantastic mind-hacks that will let you push past resistance and stress in the garden

Lesson 10 - Connected gardening | A massively beneficial way of getting more done in less time and having more fun doing so

Lesson 11 - Servicing your garden | Lessen garden disasters by keeping your garden serviced and working smoothly

Lesson 12 - Winter opportunities | Winter is a fantastic opportunity for gardeners, and can lead to the most exciting changes

NEW Lesson 13 Raising Plants | Most time efficient ways to starting and transplanting seedlings

NEW Lesson 14 Watering | How to approach watering your plants

NEW Lesson 15 Weeding | The simple tools for always keeping ahead of the game

NEW Lesson 16 Planting Plan | Tips on creating your planting plan

NEW Bous - Pre-Holiday Garden Prep | Leave your garden for a week without everything going to pot

Have that garden where your neighbours think someone else does the work for you, because how could you possibly do it all yourself and still have time to relax in it?!

Ready to transform your garden? Enjoy lifetime access to this course.

How to Prioritise Garden Tasks


Enjoy Homegrown Food Abundance

Stay in Control of Your Space

Make the Most of Winter

Relish Year-Round Success

How to Tackle Big Projects


Is this suitable for my climate?

Yes - this course is about how to better manage your time and energy in the garden and can be applied to all climates. The last lesson, however, is winter-based, but you can still apply this information if you live in a warm climate.

Can I do this course away from the garden?

Absolutely! You can learn all the skills and methods away from the garden, but to make the most of what you learn it is important you have a growing space where you can implement the lessons.

Do I have to follow the lessons in order?

The lessons must be followed in order as they follow a natural progression and skipping parts will cause confusion. To avoid this happening, the course can only be completed in order.

What if I only have a balcony or patio garden?

This course is best-suited for back gardens, allotments and kitchen gardens. Many of the skills will be useful for a very small growing space, but not everything in the course can be applied to them.

I am a beginner gardener, is this for me?

Definitely! The skills in this course are especially important for a beginner as it helps you feel far less overwhelmed and will also help prevent you from running into big challenges later down the line. It isn't a 'beginner vegetable gardener course' but the knowledge will greatly help you.

Ready to increase your garden's productivity?