Introduction (How this course works)

Extra Information You Need to Know

MP3 Downloads

Each lesson has an mp3 audio file which is the lesson in audio format only wich you can listen to as you get on with something else. You can also right click and select 'save as' to download it and listen wherever you wish.

New Features

I will be continuing to add resources and features to the course as time progresses. Any major changes/additions will be outlined below.

Always Feel Free to Re-Watch

After completing the course, it is worth watching the lessons again to help reinforce your mind with the techniques, and to pick up on anything you may have missed on the first round.

Have a Notepad Handy

And a pen too - because you will certainly need to make notes while going through this course!

At Your Own Pace

Once you join you have lifetime access, and no time-pressure to finish. Take it as slowly or as quickly as you want, but the key is to apply the skills I teach you on this course, in your garden, because that is where you'll experience the transformations.

Complete and Continue