What is a Hot Bed?

"A hot bed is a warmed, protected environment, created by heat generated from decomposing organic matter, used for producing early crops" - Jack First

Meet Your Tutor

Jack First is the UK's leading hot bed expert, with over 18 years of experience of growing in hot beds. He has adapted age-old techniques to suit the modern gardener looking to grow as much food as possible for as little cost as possible and has authored a book on Hot Beds. This course also has additional supportive content by Huw Richards and Sam Cooper, with more content coming in the future.

Why Grow in Hot Beds?

  • Incredibly productive growing technique for small spaces
  • Avoid pests and diseases by starting so early
  • Eliminate the hungry gap
  • Harvest crops in March & April that you would usually harvest in June & July
  • Minimal costs; far cheaper than a polytunnel or even a cold frame
  • Create a frost-free growing zone in the coldest of months
  • Utilize the increasing daylight hours between January and April
  • Huge yields due to the nutrient-rich material
  • Masses of compost produced by the end of the season
  • Excellent way to germinate and protect tender seedlings
Free Audiobook

Bonus product; listen to a fascinating 115 year-old hot bed book.

Video Lessons

See for yourself how to make, sow, and grow your own hot bed.

Supporting Text

Each lesson has additional text and resources for further learning.

Start Your Hot Bed Journey Today

Take your biggest step towards self-sufficiency...

We are confident that creating your own hot bed (or more) will be one of the most impactful things you can do to increase your food security, particularly during the time of year where that is the biggest challenge. All you need is a 5x5ft space to get started! Pictured here is Jack First in front of one of his hot beds.