The Abundance Academy aims to inspire and empower passionate gardeners to realise the full potential of their gardens. The Academy, founded by Huw Richards, is a place to learn new vegetable gardening skills, techniques and methods that will enable you to enjoy not only the harvests but also the ever-maturing growth of your garden. If you want to take your growing further, you're in the right place.

Your Tutor & Curator

Huw Richards has over 17 years’ experience growing food using organic and permaculture principles. He is a best-selling author, presenter and YouTuber with over 70 million views. His passion is to help as many people as possible grow their own abundance of food, and to teach tried-and-tested methods that get you the best results in the garden.

The Abundance Academy is the home for online gardening courses and products that deliver value, education and inspiration to passionate vegetable gardeners around the world. Taught by Huw Richards and guest experts.

The Courses

More Food Less Effort is the first online course created exclusively for the Abundance Academy. It focuses on how you can become more productive as a gardener, which is often the biggest step forwards that is needed to make your growing space more food abundant.

The Productive Planting Plan is the second course exclusive to the Abundance Academy. It shows you step by step how to create a monthly planting plan for a highly-abundant vegetable garden.